Explore world renowned touristic site of Niagara Falls. The experience of Niagara Falls roar as thousands of liters of water fall off the cliff is breathtaking. Br prepared to be amazaed.

Daily small-group tours of Niagara Falls from Toronto are available for our guests. This is the only tour that departs early in the morning, so you can avoid sitting in traffic (Toronto trafic is pretty bad) . Arrive early in Niagara Falls before the huge crowds and return to Toronto early to enjoy an entire evening in the city. This is the only tour that includes a stop at Niagara-on-the-Lake, in the village centre.

Niagara Falls city itself is build around this great natural attraction.  You can ride the wheel and see everything from above , or visit the crazuy attractions like the wax museum, Ripey’s house and other haunted houses or unique attractions on Clifton Hill  ( see more details about the available attractions https://cliftonhill.com

You must dedicate one day from your vacation to visit Niagara Falls and the attractions. is a once in a life time opportunity to see such an unique site!