Toronto is mostly a seasonall city fo tourists and the price of the tours are reflective of that fact. Coming to Toronto and planning your trip is no easy task , but fortunately we have the internet and most of the comanies offering tours have an online presence.

Being in such a great location as your condo , it means that you are very fortunate. Most of the important attractions like the CN Tower or RIlpey’s Aquarium are just walking distance from your apartment. Not to mention that you can just walk to the ontario Lake waterfront and get a water taxi to the Toronto Islands and spend the day there.

For other atteactions though you will need to reserve a tour. Most companies drop their prices during the high season as the competition is becoming fierce so if you shop around a bit you might find a bargain 🙂

If you are not familiar with the city and Ontario in general , we are here to help you , no worries.

See you soon in Toronto

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