Article 1 – Definition
These Terms and Conditions shall govern any accommodation agreements or any other related contracts entered into between TownFlats Canada and the guest, and any matters not stipulated in the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by law and generally established customs for hotels and short-term rentals.
Any usage guidelines and precautions(hereinafter collectively referred to as “Rules”)presented by TownFlats Canada in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall, in addition to TownFlats Canada Rules and Regulations established by TownFlats Canada and displayed at the checkout procedure when booking a condo unit, constitute a part of these Terms and Conditions.
Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, any special agreements provided by TownFlats Canada within the scope permitted by law and customs shall take precedence. The guest also understands and agrees that the condominium apartments are part of a condominium building where a short-term rental is permitted. This fact does not imply that the condominium building functions as a hotel with front desk staff dedicated to the checking-in of the guests or attending to the needs of the guests. This is solely the responsibility of Town Flats Canada and its staff. The guest, therefore, understands that any communication related to checking in or checking out must be done with one of Town Flats Canada’s staff members. Failure to do so might result in miscommunication and failure to check in your unit. The guest understands and agrees that the full charge of the booking will be retained in this type of situation where the guest is not communicating with Town Flats Canada staff members regarding the checking-in procedure and as a result, the guest might fail to check in.

Article 2 – Booking an Accommodation Agreement
Those booking a condo unit online on the TownFlats Canada website shall provide the following information :
Guest name and telephone number
Guest Email and address
The date of stay and estimated time of arrival
Other information that TownFlats Canada deems necessary (I.E. – provide ID upon arrival in order to check in)

Article 3-Establishment of the Accommodation Agreement
The accommodation agreement shall be established when TownFlats Canada accepts and confirm the booking. However, this does not apply when TownFlats Canada it has not accepted the booking and canceled it.
When an accommodation agreement has been established as per the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the guest must pay a deposit set by TownFlats Canada by the deadline designated by TownFlats Canada.
The deposit shall be allocated to room charges to be paid payable by the guest on arrival together with a Refundable Security deposit of $200 CAD.
The accommodation agreement shall cease to be effective when the guest fails to pay the deposit set forth in Paragraph 2 by the deadline designated by TownFlats Canada.

Article 4 – Special Agreements Not Requiring a Deposit
Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the preceding article, TownFlats Canada may accept special agreements that do not require payment of a deposit.
The preceding paragraph on special agreements shall apply when TownFlats Canada does not request payment of the deposit set forth in Paragraph 2 of the preceding article or does not specify a deposit payment deadline when accepting applications for an accommodation agreement.

Article 5-Refusal of Accommodation and immediate cancellation of the ongoing booking stay
TownFlats Canada may refuse to enter into an accommodation agreement or immediately terminate a booking agreement in the following cases:

When the accommodation application violates the stipulations of these Terms and Conditions
When guestrooms are fully booked
When a potential guest is deemed likely to break the law, disrupt public order, or act contrary to public morals during their stay.
When a potential guest is deemed to fall under any of the following categories:
a. a member of an organized crime group, an associate member or affiliate of an organized crime group or any other antisocial force
b. When the applicant is involved in corporations or other organizations whose operations are controlled by an organized crime group.
c. When any of the directors of the applicant’s corporation is classified as a member of an organized crime group
When the potential guest’s behavior poses a significant nuisance to other guests.
When the potential guest clearly has a contagious disease.
When the potential guest uses violence, threats, blackmail, or intimidation to make unjust or unreasonable demands against TownFlats Canada or its employees, or is deemed to have engaged in any similar acts in the past.
When TownFlats Canada is unable to accommodate guests due to natural disaster, facility malfunction, or other inevitable circumstances.
When the potential guest is intoxicated, exhibits or has exhibited extremely abnormal behavior that may pose a nuisance to other guests, or in cases that fall under the provisions of prefectural ordinances.
When the potential guest conceals the fact that they have reserved a guestroom within TownFlats Canada for the purpose of making a profit, either for themselves or for a third party, by selling goods, engaging in prostitution, etc.
When the potential guest does not comply with these Terms and Conditions or with cancellation and payment policies when making a reservation.

Article 6-The Guest’s Right to Terminate the Accommodation Agreement
Guests may request that TownFlats Canada terminate the accommodation agreement.
If the accommodation agreement is terminated in full or in part for reasons attributable to the guest, TownFlats Canada shall charge a penalty. However, in the event that TownFlats Canada accepts to terminate the agreement, guests are only required to pay a penalty for terminating the accommodation agreement.
If the guest does not arrive by 11:45 pm on the day of their stay without contacting TownFlats Canada of being late, the accommodation agreement may be deemed to have been terminated by the guest.

Article 7-Guest Registration
Guests must register the following information with TownFlats Canada on the day of their arrival and prior to checking in.
Guest name, age, gender, address, contact telephone number, email
Departure date and planned departure time
Other information deemed necessary by TownFlats Canada
International guests who do not have an address in Canada are required to present a valid passport matching the name on the booking.

Article 8-Prohibited Acts
Guests shall not engage in the following acts, either on their own or through the use of a third party.
Registering or providing false information when staying at TownFlats Canada
Using fraudulent payment methods such as stolen credit cards when staying at TownFlats Canada
Using TownFlats Canada for business purposes without permission from TownFlats Canada
Removal, defacing, or destroying furniture and fire safety equipment within TownFlats Canada facilities, or any similar acts
Acts that violate or risk violating public order or law, or any criminal acts
Violation of any other provisions of these Terms and Conditions
Violation of any other rules in TownFlats Canada Rules and Regulations
Any other acts deemed inappropriate by TownFlats Canada
TownFlats Canada shall be entitled to claim compensation from the guest for any damages incurred as a result of the acts in the preceding paragraph.

Article 9-Guest Luggage and Personal Belongings
TownFlats Canada shall be responsible for the loss of any luggage or personal belongings unless the guest notifies us immediately after checking out as we will have to alert the cleaning crew to look for the items.
Please be aware the food, drink, cigarettes, magazines, and other perishable items will be disposed of on the same day.

Article 10-Computer Networks, WI-FI, Internet
Guests shall use computer networks at TownFlats Canada at their own risk. Service may be interrupted or terminated due to system failure or other reasons without prior notice. TownFlats Canada shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of service interruption due to system failure or any other reason when using computer networks.

Article 11-Parking Liability
TownFlats Canada consents to let guests park their vehicles in the parking space for a flat fee of $35 CAD per night. When a guest uses the TownFlats Canada parking lot, TownFlats Canada shall not be held liable for the management of the vehicle.

Article 12-Guest Liability
The guest shall compensate TownFlats Canada for any damages to TownFlats Canada caused by willful misconduct or negligence on the part of the guest(including but not limited to facility repair costs and lost sales opportunities).

Article 13-Exemptions
TownFlats Canada shall be exempt from liability when an exemption set forth in these Terms and Conditions or the Rules and Regulations applies.

Article 14-Reporting to the Authorities)
Should a guest’s violation of these Terms and Conditions or other Rules warrant the protection of the rights, property, or services of TownFlats Canada or another guest, TownFlats Canada will notify the police and other relevant authorities or otherwise take appropriate measures.
Should TownFlats Canada deem that a guest’s health or life be in serious danger, TownFlats Canada may call an ambulance, regardless of the guest’s will.

Article 15-Changes to the Agreement
These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Check the official website for the latest information.

Article 16-Severability
Even when a portion of these Terms and Conditions or other Rules is deemed legally invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain valid.
Even when a portion of these Terms and Conditions or other Rules is deemed invalid or revoked in relation to a particular guest, the Terms and Conditions and other Rules shall remain valid for all other guests.

Article 17-Good Faith Negotiation
TownFlats Canada and the guest shall negotiate in good faith to resolve any problems arising in connection with the use of TownFlats Canada that cannot be resolved under these Terms and Conditions.

Article 18(Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction)
The accommodation agreement between TownFlats Canada and the guest shall be governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada.

A separate policy established by TownFlats Canada may apply to agreements for group plans(15 or more guests, up to 50 guests)or such accommodation plans sold online. In such cases, the applicable policy shall prevail over these Terms and Conditions.

Rules and Regulation

We ask that guests abide by these Rules and Regulations to ensure that TownFlats Canada remains a public space and to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. Guests who fail to abide by these rules may be refused further lodging or use of TownFlats Canada’s facilities. Such guests may also be asked to pay for any damage caused to fixtures or equipment within TownFlats Canada.

Prohibited Actions

Do not use guestrooms for purposes other than lodging without permission from TownFlats Canada.
Do not use open flames for heating or cooking in the guestrooms, corridors, or other common areas of the building.
Do not smoke inside the rooms (including smoking cannabis products with or without the use of e-cigarettes). If smoking in the rooms is detected after the guest checks out, we will charge the guest $150 CAD as a room cleaning/air – refreshing fee (the fee will be held back from the security deposit that was paid in advance)in addition to the room charge. Do not smoke in bed or other areas prone to catching fire, even when staying in a smoking room.
Use the lobby to meet with outside visitors. Do not invite outside visitors into your guestroom.
Do not move equipment or fixtures within TownFlats Canada or guestrooms from their designated locations without reason.
Do not change or modify the current state of equipment within TownFlats Canada or guestrooms without permission.
Do not enter storage rooms, machinery rooms, emergency stairs (except during emergencies), or other staff-only areas.
Do not bring the following items into TownFlats Canada:
a. Dogs (excluding assistance dogs for the disabled), cats, birds, and other animals, or pets in general without prior approval from our team.
b. Items that emit a foul or strong odor.
c. Excessively heavy objects or an excessive amount of objects.
d. Guns, swords, or other weapons.
e. Explosives, volatile oils, or other items that are flammable or easily ignited.
f. Other items deemed a threat to the safety of other guests.
Do not engage in any gambling, immoral acts, or acts that disrupt public safety within TownFlats Canada condos.
Do not distribute advertisements or promotional materials, sell goods, or conduct business without permission.
Do not photograph or film the inside of TownFlats Canada for business purposes without permission from TownFlats Canada.


As a general rule, items left behind in TownFlats Canada condos will be disposed of within three (3) months of the date of the check-out unless otherwise specified.
As a general rule, TownFlats Canada waits for contact from the owner regarding instructions on what to do with lost or found items. If the owner fails to provide instructions or if the owner is unknown, valuables and items containing personal information will be delivered to the nearest police station within seven (7) days of the date of discovery, while other items will be disposed of three (3) months from the date of discovery. Please be aware the food, drink, cigarettes, magazines, and other items detrimental to sanitation will be disposed of on the same day.
Housekeeping will be performed prior to checking in. Extra cleaning will be charged extra and will be performed only if the guest(s) request it. Guestrooms may also be entered on days other than cleaning days for maintenance, legal inspections, and emergencies.
Should TownFlats Canada deem that a guest’s health or life be in serious danger, TownFlats Canada may call an ambulance, regardless of the guest’s will.
If you lose your room key or the FOB access (or both) and cannot find it by the checkout time, a $150 CAD will be charged to issue a new one.

Cancellation Policy – Town Flats Canada Will charge 100% of the booking price for cancellations done 10 days or less before the arrival date. There are no penalties for cancellations 11 days or more before the date of the arrival.

By booking one of our short-term rental properties , You (the Guest), hereby agree with the Terms and Conditions.